What is 1440? Why is it more than a number?

Ady Sharon 0 Comments 04/10/2018 10:32 PM

Hi, My name is Ady, the founder of . I’m so happy to publish my first blog post here.

I started Watch1440 in the mid of 2011.

From childhood, I like watches. My dad used to give me, from a very young age (6), his old alarm watches.
You remember those 70’s alarm table watches?
My old man will hand me a set of simple screwdrivers and yogurt containers. I would open them to find fascinating small mechanics. All watches were dismantled to pieces while dreaming I could put them back together again.

Oris alarm clock 1940's (watch1440)
Oris alarm clock 1940’s           (watch1440)


It is then, at the age of 6, I realized time was number related by definition (but not only, passion also). 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 365 days (on some years).
24 x 60 = 1440 minutes a day. Remember that.


Fast forward 20 years, I started collecting… stopwatches.

Stopwatch collection. The Seiko is the most bottom/right
Stopwatch collection. The Seiko is the one at bottom-right   (watch1440)

Why stopwatches? Really don’t know. That first Seiko stopwatch, I fell in love with was the damn wonderful trigger.

As you all well know, watch collecting is a serious irremediable situation. And the collection started growing. Of course in the process, I started learning how to service those little time counting machines.

Then, came my first sell. Decided to let go (that’s the way you feel when you collect watches, let go of something beloved) of some duplicates stopwatches that piled up.

Time went by fast and I found myself fascinated with old pocket watches and their history (added those to my collection). Old Swiss wristwatches (added them as well). Great Seiko Diver’s 63XX to any 6XXX Seiko from the 60’s-70’s.
Soon I found, there were so many watches to collect and only 1440 minutes a day to collect them.

What can I say, I really love those little ticking creatures, the older the better.
A watch worth collecting is an engineering achievement inside a history lesson behind a beautiful painting in one single object.

From there on, the road of collecting and selling watches as a profession was very short. 10 years later, I left a very steady, bright future, executive job in the auto business to pursue my dream, starting an arena for watch collectors, wherever they are, to give them what I felt was missing and to communicating with fellow tick-tock incurables.

Back then, some 8 years ago, if you were looking to read about watches, all you could find, either on print or very few websites, were pages of high-end watches. Pieces of art that cost like art. I was looking to buy some vintage Longines or Tissot, but everyone was talking about Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier Santon and Rolex’s.

Seiko 6309-7040, 1978, Mov. 6309A
Seiko 6309-7040, 1978, Mov. 6309A    (Watch1440)


Junghans Meister Telemeter Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Numerals 027/3381.44
Junghans Meister Telemeter. Click on the image   (watch1440)

So, what do we do at Watch1440?
By now you surely understand why I chose the name Watch1440 for my site. Besides, all 24, 7 and 60’s names were already taken 🙂
We are here to cater those collectors who are into an affordable watch. Yes, you all know, those affordable (although in recent years the market went “a bit” up) great looking watches like old Tissot, vintage Certina’s, Oris, sometimes Omegas’ and of course, Seiko.

We curate watches by getting in touch with some of our friends who are dealing with watches mainly in Europe. From them, we buy watches that could either be NOS (New Old Stock) or trade-ins’ excess.
At the end of the line, we offer you either completely new watches (usually NOS) or some pre-owned pre-loved watches. As they all come from reputable dealers, those pre-loved ones are re-authenticated and/or serviced.
These watches could also be aging for about 30 to 70 years -true treasures that could complete any collection.
Because we buy these watches at a good price, all new and pre-loved, are offered a very good price for our customers, sometimes even at GREAT prices :).

Also, slowly but surely this blog will grow in time.
Many questions that we get from customers will be answered here.
Some sporadic thoughts about time and watches of mine will be published too.
You are very welcome to comment (politely please).

We like watches and in this modern age, what do you do with the things you love? Take a photo.
See all our watch here on and on our Instagram and Facebook.
All photos are ours, taken by our talented photographers (or us less talented).

And I’ll bet, you need more than one watch.
This is a part of who we are – watch collectors. 1440 Minutes a day.


See you,
Ady Sharon

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